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Rental Terms & Conditions

Please find below an overview of our rental terms for quick reference. Full terms and conditions can be found on the reverse of the rental agreement.

Rates – All rates include insurance, maintenance, Mondial cover. All vehicles are delivered with a full tank of fuel. When returning the vehicle, you must ensure that the tank is full. If the vehicle is returned with less than a full fuel tank, a levy of £2.00 per litre will be charged (inclusive of administration costs).

Qualification - A minimum age of 23* and a maximum age of 70* apply (all-new XC90 minimum age 30). Additional drivers must be approved at the time of hire. A clean, valid, full driving licence must have been held for at least 12 months and should be produced at time of hire, along with a utility bill not more than 3 months old showing the rentee’s name and home address. Certain endorsements may be accepted (please contact the rental office to confirm these details). Only drivers approved by Volvo at the time of the rental are permitted to drive the vehicles. *(Please ask for more information).

Insurance - All Volvo rental vehicles are insured. A copy of the insurance policy is available for inspection on request.

Damage Liability Waiver - In the event that any damage that has not been noted on the pre-rental condition report is evident when the vehicle is returned, the hirer is responsible for the payment of an excess charge (as noted on the Rental Agreement). An additional damage waiver payment may be made to waive all or part of that excess. Please ask for details. Any damage to the vehicle or a third party caused by hirer negligence may result in costs that will be charged to the hirer, and that may not be limited to the pre-agreed excess amount.

Payment - Pre-payment of the estimated charges, including VAT, Damage Waiver charge or Insurance excess deposit is required. Payment is only accepted by Credit Card or Debit Card. Additional security checks will be required for first time and/or cash paying customers.

Extension of Rental Period - It is most important, should you wish to extend the rental beyond the agreed termination date or time, that the rental office is notified immediately, in order that insurance cover may be extended and that appropriate additional rental charges incurred can be calculated and agreed. The rental office will endeavour to accommodate your requirements, but should they not be able to allow the extension, you must return the vehicle at the originally agreed date and time.

Cancellations - Within 24 hours of the rental start date will incur a charge of 30% of the total agreed rental charge.

Corporate Rental – full company insurance documents will need to be presented when requesting a Corporate Rental rate.

Foreign Travel - All rates quoted are for use in England, Scotland and Wales or Northern Ireland (when rented in Northern Ireland). For foreign travel, prior consent from the rental office along with special rates and insurance cover provision will apply. Please ask for further details.

Additional Equipment - Child seats are normally available upon request at extra cost. All equipment is guaranteed and should be requested through your Volvo Rental office.

Vehicle Availability - Every effort will be made to supply the model reserved, but in the event of it being unavailable, the rental office will endeavour to offer either an alternative model or upgrade. Vehicles are subject to being sold but will be replaced if out on long term/short term rental.

Rights Reserved - We reserve the right to alter the rates, conditions and period of rental and to refuse a rental at our discretion. We also reserve the right to charge an administration fee for the processing of any motoring offences.